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How to create a professional resume?
Posted On 2019-05-10

Preparing resumes can be considered so overwhelming for most of the working professionals especially if it is the first time they are trying. Well, everyone must face it as their livelihood will most possibly depend upon the resume in all cases. In the end, it all comes down on how well one put their resume for an interview.

So, lets see what should be in a teacher’s resume.

Header: The header of the profile must contain full name of the candidate along with their contact number and email address for communication purpose.

Profile: The profile must speak about the candidate’s personality and all the skill sets that he/she excels in. The candidate can also explain about how well they work with others, like how high their energy is when teaching, some explanation about how honest and fair teacher the candidate is, their interpersonal skills on how one manage their job to complete, etc. The Candidate can also explain about their plus like how well they communicate with teachers, students, other professionals, etc.

Certifications: The candidate can mention their certifications & any training acquired for their teaching career. Educational Background: The candidate can mention about their education background: school, college or university attended. They can also highlight if they received any scholarship for their merit during their student life. Extracurriculars: I the candidate has done any extracurricular activities during their school and college life, they can also be mentioned. For example, was a secretary in Lion’s club, NCC candidate, etc.

If the candidate has experience in working, they can also mention their professional experience.

Professional Experience: The candidate can explain all the working experience the candidate did so far like worked two years as a sales representative in-------, worked three years as a teaching assistant in ------, etc. Professional Extracurriculars: The candidates can also explain all the extracurriculars that they done during their professional career.

Nowadays, most of the educational institutions has a personal database where the candidates can register and upload their resumes & certifications for job openings.

There are many examples and formats available for writing a resume including the format, as well as what you choose to include, and how you include it. In the competitive education field, every candidate will want their resume to stand out, and highlight their ability to learn and grow in any environment.

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