Job Seekers can create an EducationEmployment account by registering and obtaining the login details from the

During registration the Job Seekers are required to upload their resume. The uploaded resume must have correct details and information of the Job Seeker.

Job Seekers can opt for the Premium Plan to avail the services of the EducationEmployment service team.

The services include searching and suggesting appropriate Education Institutions according to the resume of the Job Seeker. Job Seekers with Premium Plan will be given priority by searching for Educational Institutions jobs that matches the Job Seekers’ resume.

The service team will only give the job openings of the Educational Institutions (if available) for the Job Seekers and it is with the job seekers capability to get the job through their performance in their interview.

The account of a Job Seeker in EducationEmployment website has lifetime registration.

The Job Seekers can update their resumes by deleting the old resume and uploading the latest updated resume.

A Job Seeker can have only one account by registering with an e-mail and no duplicates are allowed.

Fake and duplicate Job Seeker accounts will be dealt according to the law mentioned in the Privacy Policy.