1.Why educationemployment.in?

educationemployment.in aims to be one stop solution for all educational opportunities in India.

2.What Educational Institutions can avail educationemployment.in services?

All Educational Institutions in India ranging from Primary Education, Secondary Education, Intermediate Education, Diploma Colleges, Colleges and Universities can avail educationemployment.in services.

3.What kind of job opportunities are focused in educationemployment.in?

educationemployment.in focus on both teaching and non-teaching opportunities within education institutions across India.

4.What is unique about educationemployment.in?

educationemployment.in provides platform to connect aspirant educational job seekers to Educational Institutions at faster pace and very affordable cost.

5.What types of Educational Institutions does educationemployment.in offers service?

educationemployment.in offers services to all education institutions in India and services categorized as Government Institutions, Government Aided Institutions and Private institutions.

6.How to enroll Educational Institution?

Provide the required details of your Educational Institution in the enrollment page.

7.How to ensure categorization of your Educational Institution enrollment?

During enrolment provide valid soft copy of documents and email id to enroll your education institution so as to confirm your categorization of your institution.

8.How long is the validity of Educational Institution?

Lifelong Validity.

9.Do I need to renew my Educational Institution registration?

No renewal required.

10.Can I update the details of Educational Institution registration?

Yes. You can update the registration details except login id.

11.Can I withdraw my Educational Institution enrollment with educationemployment.in?

Yes. But we suggest you retain your membership for any future opportunities that may arise later.